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Cutting Myths

So many of us have been told when we shave or cut the hair it will grow back coarser, faster and another color. Well I'm here to tell you that is a big misconception. The truth is, It has no effect on hair growth. Hair grows from the scalp not the ends. That's not to say getting your hair cut is not important.


Importance of Getting Your Hair Cut

Lets say your goal is to have longer hair. For healthy hair I recommend getting the hair cut (trimmed) every 8-12 weeks and maybe longer for others. That's just to keep the split ends gone. Ends split and eventually they break off of the hair. Therefore, this is the cause of you not noticing your hair growth. I always say, "the higher the ends split, the more you need to cut." Of course you still choose how much you want cut but I'll always give my professional recommendation.

For those of you with shorter hair that want to maintain that haircut, I recommend cutting your hair every 4-8 weeks. You may have to come back sooner depending on how short your hair is.

To my Au Naturel, Afro wearing, ladies you guys are often told you do not have to get a haircut. That is not true. You are not exempt from getting split ends or anything else that may cause damage. I was natural for 4 years. So I know from experience the importance of a haircut. It's harder to tell in its natural state if the ends are split. But boy oh boy, If you blow it out and/or straighten it you can see the damage if you have any.

Aside from getting rid of split ends a haircut has many other benefits. It can add texture, volume and movement to the hair. It is important for you to consult with your stylist about the goals for your hair. Also show them photos so that both you and your stylist have a visual idea of what your end result will be.

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