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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Want a product that eliminates frizz and give the hair shine without the dirty, greasy feel? Then Redken Diamond Oil is the perfect match for you. Read this blog about its boundless benefits.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Just like we must have a set of diamonds to complete our look, Redken's Diamond Oil Glow Dry is a must have to finish that hair style.

Its Boundless Benefits

Usually when we someone says the word oil and hair in the same sentence we run the other way. But this product is different than most. Its lightweight consistency allows it to be absorbed into the hair. Therefore, allowing it to be used without leaving a greasy feel.

Damp Hair

On damp hair it can be used as a style prep. Shampoo, condition, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner and then Redken's Diamond Oil Glow Dry. It aids in giving you that sleek and bouncy blowout. The hair becomes more manageable when prepping for other styles.

Dry Hair

Ever wake up with frizzy hair or hair just all out of place? You can use Redken's Diamond Oil on dry hair as well. It can moisturize dry hair and remove frizz. Just put some on your fingertips or palm of hand depending on where you're applying it. It's a really good go to product when you don't have time to shampoo and style your mane. As stated before, it still won't leave the hair feeling greasy. Just use a little at a time until you become more comfortable.

All Textures

Fine, medium, and coarse hair are all wonderful candidates. It doesn't sit on top of the hair like most serums and oils do. Diamond Oil won't cause fine hair to lay flat. So if you think your hair is dry and/or lack shine then this is the perfect product for you. Because curly hair tends to be drier than any other hair type, you can use it when damp and dry to add a more moisture to the hair. Whenever I do a silk press on my natural clients this is my go to product to give them weightless body, shine and moisture. It can even be used on relaxed hair.

This is definitely my all-time favorite product recommendation. I use this on all of my clients hair. The smell of it alone will make you want to use it. It's kind of hard to over do it but still use it in moderation. If you're not sure if this is a good product for you message me using the STAY IN TOUCH box on my contact page. You can also leave a comment telling me and others of your experience using this product.

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